A HOT priest who has been likened to Chris Hemsworth has become an Instagram sensation.

Oskar Arngården – who works for the Church of Sweden – has amassed a following of more than 149k on his account @CrossFitPriest.

The 35-year-old clergyman mixes daily musings about religion, and selfies of him wearing his clerical collar and robes while carrying out services and baptisms, with pictures and videos of him working out in a gym.

However, it's Oskar's good looks and muscular physique – making him a dead ringer for the 36-year-old Australian 'Thor' actor – which have caught global attention.

Commenting on his newfound social media fame, the Lutheran priest admitted that he found receiving "sexual" comments disrespectful because they objectified him.

In a post – which has received more than 6,000 'likes' – he wrote: "I have noticed in myself that I am not at all comfortable with the attention that has been pointed to me as a person.

“I started this account to get to talk about whats really important in my life; God!… and also, hopefully maybe inspire to a healthy lifestyle.”

Yesterday, he told his followers – alongside a video of him training in a gym – that he had had "a nice day at church with lots of good meetings.

"Conversations that touched on everything from worldly things to deep reflections about life's great challenges.

"And this short workout, between, to recharge the batteries. I believe it is important to find your thing that makes you gain energy and feel good.

"For me it is my training. A way to be more alert in life, and to endure."

Earlier this evening, he shared: "As a priest, I get the fantastic opportunity to tell people that: You are already accepted!

"You are already loved! Whatever you do, you already have an inviolable value."

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