One fan even asked if she'd "raided an attic" while dressing for the show.

The 37-year-old has been rocking a Western-inspired look lately, with statement shirts and blouses teamed with skirts and chunky boots.

That was on the menu again last night, with Holly wearing a skirt and blouse from the same designer, Sandro Paris.

She wore a £185 pussy bow blouse with puffy sleeves, and teamed it with a ruffled navy skirt.

But on her Instagram page many fans slammed it as awful.

"Where's the horse… the outfit reminds me of a western cowboy movie?"

One person said: "You look like a line dancer." while another compared her to Popeye the Sailor Man.

Costasremes, teasing she looked like a cowgirl, asked: "Where's the horse… the outfit reminds me of a western cowboy movie?"

16hjm added: "Did she find a bag of clothes in her attic?"

Aussiefraze said: "Ahh that's where the pirate shirt from Seinfeld went."

And there were criticisms that Holly was spending huge amounts on clothes which normal women can't afford. Viks_good_life said: "Wish you'd wear clothes us normal women on a budget could afford."

However, there were some people who liked it.

One person wrote: "[I] love this. Why are so many people ready to do her down?"

Snugglesnana said: "[I like] the skirt and blouse."



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