For those of us who enjoy summer staples like halter tops and minidresses, the close of the season feels like it’s coming too soon (let’s be honest, summer is never long enough). But what if the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of this season’s fashion? 

There are an endless number of ways to transition your most loved summer styles from fun in the sun to fall adjacent, some of which are already fall 2020 trends from the runway, expected to take off in the months ahead. Layering has taken on new heights in the form of juxtaposing textures, pairing tops with unexpected cutouts, or layering tops with dresses. Similarly, we’re seeing fall-ready spins on classic summer pieces, such as the cropped sweater and leather shorts. 

Right now, with many activities from office meetings to weekend nights out at a halt, fashion has, in turn, slowed down as well, and consumers are looking to pieces that offer the most bang for their buck. Durability, timelessness and versatility are key buying motivators. This makes for the perfect time to see just how far we can make our favorite summer trends stretch, and with the few key tricks ahead, your options are far and wide. 

Pair Crop Tops With a Jacket

The cropped top and jacket combo is an unspoken must-have, and not without reason. A denim jacket and cropped T-shirt cater to a casual, laid-back look, while for a dinner or small event, you could opt for a structured bustier and a leather jacket. 

Team Your Sandals Up With Socks

Whoever said socks and sandals don’t mix never met a fashion fanatic determined for summer and fall to coexist. For two totally different looks, you can pair chunky socks with everyday footwear like Ugg slippers or your favorite dad sandals, or dress up your look with heeled sandals and sheer socks. 

Tights Are The LBD’s Savior

Minidresses don’t stop being great when summer ends. From brunch to a dinner date, the opportunity for a little black dress is sure to arise even in fall. Tights are the perfect way to provide a bit more coverage for your legs, and a textured or monogrammed pair serve as a statement of its own. 

Shorts, Meet Leather

If the past few seasons have left any lasting impression, it’s that we all need a good leather piece. While the leather sector is typically dominated by the classic multi-zippered jacket, brands like Mowolola, Nanushka and Bottega Veneta make the case for breathing new life into the fabrication with cool-girl dresses, bandeau tops and the like. Where your summer denim shorts end, fall leather shorts begin. 

Style Your Bikinis With A Blouse

Swimwear has, in recent years, transcended its reputation as a single-functioning garment centered only around water activities. Many brands have hopped on the bandwagon of creating trendier, fashion-forward swimwear, while others make pieces with multifunctionality in mind (like wearing one-piece swimsuits as outerwear bodysuits). This sentiment can be carried into fall by pairing your one-pieces with leather pants or wearing a bikini top under a sheer blouse. 

Go Knit on Knit

Fresh takes on knitwear is one of the most endearing trends to come of fall 2020, and with relaxed dressing an apt go-to amid the global pandemic, it’s likely the mega trend waiting to take off. Brands such as JBD Apparel, Jacquemus and Orseund Iris are doing knits better than they’ve ever been done before, and the layering opportunities are endless. 

Boots Make Anything Work

Boots can be thought of as your default “when in doubt” item. From summer dresses to skirts to those shorts you’re still itching to wear when the weather says you probably shouldn’t, a pair of thigh or knee-high boots aid in keeping at least a fraction of your legs warm, all the while pulling your look together for a closing statement. 

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