Horrified Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan branding the bakers “PC-ravaged clowns”.

While distraught Damon tweeted: “The world’s f***ed!” to which Greggs replied: “It’s a vegan sausage roll, Damon.”

We had to try one, so Giulia Crouch braved a bite of the £1 snack.

Below she scores its various qualities out of a maximum of five rolls of honour.


THAT lustrous, golden look of the original came from a glaze of milk on the pastry, so it’s gone and is “not replaced” by anything.

So the colour of the vegan version is pathetically pale.

The poor, pitiful pastry is anaemic and dry, with no shine whatsoever.

Not a looker.


I didn’t have high hopes, but the filling is not bad.

The “unique seasoning” used in the meat version is, Greggs tells me, present in the vegan one as well, making the flavour comfortingly familiar.

And despite the hideous sound of the “fungal protein”, it actually tastes like the meat in the normal snack.


THIS is incredible – it smells exactly like the meat version.

If you held a blind smell test – should you be compelled to do such a thing – I’m convinced no one could tell the difference.

All you breathe in is that familiar hint of herbs and spice that screams Greggs pork sausage roll.


VERY crumbly, almost ridiculously so – which means it’s particularly messy to eat. It goes everywhere.

The crust is also not flaky, like the real deal, or as satisfyingly fatty.

Worst of all, the pastry is disappointingly lacking in flavour.

It’s dry and sad tasting, a bit like a supermarket sausage roll.

Bite of all right

HAVING gone to university in Leeds, where there are more Greggs than people, I understand the right to a majestic sausage roll.

Vegans shouldn’t miss out, and this is a convincing copy – without being piously “clean eating”.

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