Get to Know Fall’s 8 Most Wearable Trends

If you’re the type to shy away from new trends out of fear they’re too eccentric, welcome Fall 2018 with open arms. Throughout Fashion Month, all we saw were familiar patterns, colors, coats, and layering tricks, perhaps just worn in new ways. The eight most prominent style statements are ones virtually anyone could pull off — and they’re all ridiculously flattering, too. Brush up on the standout takeaways from the Spring 2018 season, then read our fresh report from start to finish and prepare for an eye-catching wardrobe this year that’s actually remarkably comfortable.

  • Street Style Statement Coats
  • Return of Ruching
  • Busy, Busy Prints
  • Animal Print
  • All I See Is Red
  • ’80s Western
  • Sugarcoated Shearling
  • Plenty of Plaid

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