If you’re getting engaged or in the middle of planning your dream day, you can probably relate to the top 10 arguments couples have over wedding planning.

Top of the list of stresses is the guest list – with couples clashing over who, or how many people, they should invite.

Next was choosing the venue itself, followed by arranging the catering.

Working out the seating arrangements was the next big argument, then organising a photographer and deciding on decorations.

And finishing up the top ten was the dress, hair and make-up, the invite design and finally flowers.

Overall more than half – 52 per cent – of the 2,000 married adults asked confessed they found planning their wedding ‘stressful’.

They study also found on average brides will try on four different wedding dresses, and one in six brides start planning their wedding within six days of their proposal.

More than half confessed their mums had the biggest say in decisions, and while 83 per cent of engaged Brits were heavily involved, the remaining were happy to let someone else take over.

For brides, their biggest issues were the dress, decorations and seating arrangements, while the grooms were more likely to deal with the honeymoon, venue and catering.

One in ten admitted they would do things differently if they got the chance, and 27 per cent said planning the wedding led to arguments with those who were trying to help.

The biggest fall-outs were with the partner, while one in four rowed with their mother-in-law.

And the same amount confessed they made decisions solely to keep other people happy.

Top 10 wedding planning arguments

  1. Guest list
  2. The venue
  3. The catering
  4. Seating arrangements
  5. The photographer
  6. Decorations
  7. The dress
  8. Hair and makeup
  9. Invitation design
  10. Flowers

Charlotte Hill, Director of Romance at Mercure Hotels, which commissioned the study, said: “Planning a wedding is a huge challenge, and expectations for the big day are understandably sky-high, so it’s no surprise Brits want to put the work in to make sure everything goes smoothly.

“However, tackling some of the big choices in plenty of time, such as finding the perfect venue, dress and caterer, can take care of the lion’s share of the stress of planning a wedding.

“With all these moving parts to manage, it’s easy to see why 52 per cent of married Brits find wedding planning a big stress, and would rightly look for ways to organise the big day better if they could do it all again.''

Despite all the stresses associated with planning a wedding, only nine per cent of people hired a wedding planner.

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