WITH the UK continuing its lockdown celebs have been forced to ditch their personal trainers and fancy gyms and work out at home. 

But some are using it as an opportunity to blitz their body, with stars like Christine Guiness and Alesha Dixon using everything from their kids, wine bottles and online apps to sculpt their physique.

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Rather than lie on the sofa and watch telly like the rest of us, the likes of Chloe Madeley, Gabby Allen and Mel Sykes are sharing body-busting workouts online – and they’re not for the faint-hearted. 

From shredded abs to buns of steel, this lot aren't letting a little thing like lockdown get in the way of maintaining their stunning physiques.

They’re nailing fitness in lockdown and inspiring the nation with the banging results – Christine McGuiness we’re looking at you. 

We've rounded up the celebs leading the way in home workouts – the lockdown body blitz gang – and share their exercise secrets.

Bicep Babes – Chloe Madeley, 32

“Just your daily dose of disgusting couples that train together quarantine imagery,” joked Chloe, posing up a storm after one of her and hubby James Haskell’s spit n sawdust garage gym sessions.

Fitness-obsessed Chlo’ is no stranger to sculpting her bod with weights and in isolation she’s seriously in the zone.

Just check out her arms for proof. Rich and Judy’s gym-loving daughter hasbeen blitzing her guns using a bar bell and doing plenty of one move – negative pull ups.

Find yourself a barbell, hoist yourself up, hold for a second then lower yourself SLOWLY… and repeat (or maybe just lie down and cry for a little bit).

Alesha Dixon, 41

The Britain’s Got Talent star says without her trusty PT Janet Malinowska, she’s struggling with fitness motivation.

Alesha, you could have fooled us!

At home in Hertfordshire, the former Misteeq singer has been using her seven-month-old daughter, Anaya (her second child with husband Azuka Ononye) as a makeshift weight – that’s an extra 7kg load during every squat, lunge and sit up.

Oh, not to mention the constant upper body resistance, which might explain why Alesha’s arms are looking so darn-toned. Bravo!

Ab Attackers – Nicole Scherzinger, 41

Tum-thing tells us the Pussycat Doll and former rugby ace Thom Evans, 34, are ab-solutely made for each other.

The lovebirds have been working up a sweat in the garden, house and garage bashing out exercises that would make even the strongest cores scream for mercy.

Tummy-toned Nicole is au fait with every version of the plank and hones her six pack with fast-paced weighted sit-ups and a move that blends dumbbell lunges with high jump kicks. Scher-mazing effort, Nic!

Melanie Sykes, 49

Nobody rocks a gym bralet better than our Mel, whose washboard belly deserves its own Insta account.

The mum-of-two’s daily commitment to exercise mixes up Adriene Mishler yoga with workouts from the “flipping great” free NikeTraining Club app, which sports scientists say is one of the best for building strength.

Mel’s a fan of combining the app’s workouts, for example Quick Bottom Toner, Boxer Arms and Quick Core Crush.

The 14-minute Ab Burner is also a Ms Sykes favourite.

Looking at that beaut of a belly, we’re sold.

Ayda Field, 41

She’s an adoring mum of four, has one of the most envied marriages in showbiz and works out in lockdown using bottles of Rose as weights.

Mrs Robbie Williams, we salute you – not least because of that cracking set of abdominals.

Ayda, who’s a fan of Barry’s Bootcamp workouts, pilates and weight lifting, has been urging her fans to “sweat away the quarantine blues” and her
Supermarket Sweat workouts, which incorporate every day items (yup, including wine) into the moves, are brilliantly entertaining too.

Glute Groupies – Christine McGuinness, 32

Paddy’s not the only one in Top Gear – thanks to her commitment to fitness, the Take Me Out host’s stunning wife is too!

Lately, mum of three Christine’s been inspiring her legion of Insta followers with her high energy home and garden workouts and outdoor spin bike sessions.

There’s no ignoring the model’s perfectly peachy posterior, which she keeps in shape by bashing out plenty of kicks, squats, lunges and outdoor stair sprints.

Let the buns meet the steel.

Chloe Ferry, 24

The Geordie Shore star has shed two stone over the past year, dropping a final few pounds during lockdown, largely thanks to daily home workouts, which frequently include butt-sculpting exercises.

Curvaceous Chloe has previously admitted to having botox, lip fillers, veneers and rhinoplasty and once fiercely denied having liposuction saying it was ‘cheating’.

Judging by workouts posted to her InstaStories, including a combo of weighted lunges, low squat pulses and crab walking using a leg resistance (to intensify the burn) her delightful derriere is the result of hard work only.

Good on you, lass.

Leg Lovers – Gemma Atkinson, 35

Although performance goals are what motivate new mum Gemma in the gym – she can deadlift 70kg – that’s 10kg more than before lockdown (go girl!) – there are serious aesthetic rewards from the Strictly star’s frequent full bod workouts.

Usually Gem, who was nicknamed ‘thunder thighs’ as a kid, trains with PT “Evil” Steve Chambers who says “females generally want to work on their
legs”, which explains Gem’s superbly strong set of pins.

She adores weight training and her training sessions pack in plenty of thigh-burning moves.

Yup, former Hollyoaks actress Gemma can squat for Britain.

She even does them wearing weighted vests!

Gabby Allen, 27

When the former Love Island star warns that leg day is her “favourite” and that “progress is not made in comfort zones” you know your thighs are toast.

Gabby’s been recording live daily Insta workouts from her home in east London and her garden kettlebell circuit challenge, packed with squats, lunches, flutter kicks and heel raises, will apparently leave you “walking like a penguin”.

Well, if it means we build a badass pair of legs like Gabs’, we’ll take the hit.

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