Because sometimes, you really have no idea what you're spending your money on – as these hilarious pictures prove.

We've been busy collecting snaps of the worst festive shopping disasters out there.

In one photo, we see a packaged TV – that turns out to be a plank of wood.

Then there's the creepy teddy bear who arrives without stuffing, and the Christmas tree that looks as though it's half-dead.

Here are a few of the most ridiculous fails we've found…

Tree-ly awful

Didn't pan out

A fit-up

Pet hate

Overstepping the mark

Knit what I asked for

Teed off

A bit of a jump

Not so sweet

Totally pants

Hollow promise

Home and cry

Marvel at that

Wood you believe it?

Meanwhile, these bum-lifter shorts have nearly 2,000 5-star reviews – and cost just £8.

Fashion Nova has released a £20 see-through pair of trousers… and people can't stop trolling them online.

And B&M is selling Christmas jumpers for dogs for £3 – and the pudding one is SO cute.

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