You don't need a fancy class, you can start by carefully following classes on YouTube. Here we have looked at the latest yoga products and tested eyebrow gels…

Yoga mat

  • Domyos Yoga Mat 5mm, £39.99 – buy now

Anybody that does yoga knows that you need a decent amount of thickness so you don't get painful hands and knees and a certain amount of stick to help you stay in a tricky pose.

Decathlon's new yoga mat ticks both boxes with incredible grip and 5mm thickness. Plus the printed side absorbs perspiration and it comes with an elasticated strap so you can easily carry it about.

Great mat for the price. Be warned though – it is a bit stinky at first, but the rubber pong wears off.

Yoga box

  • The Yoga Box costs £32, worth £75 – buy now

Fitty, who used to sell health and fitness subscription boxes have now scrapped their monthly service and launched quarterly sport and diet boxes. The Yoga Box is a great gift for yogi friends.

It comes with a post exercise spray spray full of essential oils, protein powder, an Ayurvedic-based drink, a collagen packed supplement, turmeric tea and a banana bar – all from respected names including Pukka and Aduna. Plus a beautiful food diary.

Bungee balls

  • The Master Lock Yoga Bungees, £3 – buy now

If you have ever experienced the frustration of trying to hold your unruly yoga mat under your arm as it unravels down your body then you will appreciate just how useful these little locks area.

The Master Lock Yoga Bungees are 20cm bungee cords with a plastic ball at the end that can ease fastening together. Simple but brilliant.

BEAUTY with Gabriella Stein


  • Barry M, Take a Brow, £4.99 – buy now

Promises to tame unruly hairs and create fuller, more defined and groomed eyebrows. Has a small brush tip which made it really easy to use, but you only need a tiny amount of product.

It’s worth scraping off any excess from the brush first for best results. Can’t argue with the price and it did its job as it promised!

Available in brown and clear – would be great to add more colours to their range for those with lighter brows.


  • The BrowGal, Instatint, £17.40 – buy now

A tinted brow gel formulated with microfibers to add fullness and give the look of natural hairs. It claims to intensify, define and hold brows in place all day – and that’s exactly what it did! This gave me bushier brows is an instant but they looked remarkably natural.

The microfibers even cling to baby hairs around the brow, so this would benefit those with even the finest of brows to enhance the shape.

The formula is not as liquid as the other options which meant a neater result too. Comes in three shades: dark, medium & light. My favourite!


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tinted Brow Gel, £23.00 – buy now

Eyebrow queen to the stars Anastasia Soare’s brow gel formula promises a gel that sets and tints brows with flexible hold. It features light reflecting pearls to create natural dimension and fullness.

The brush is fairly wide so it took a little precision to get it on the brows only and not my skin but overall the formula is amazing!

Comes in 7 different shades, both warm and cool tones so there is something for every skin & hair type.

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