The online retailer is selling a pair of fringe shorts which don't cover your bum cheeks and people are horrified.

  • Just Make It Brief Fringe Shorts, £19.37, Fashion Nova – buy here

Fashion Nova posted a picture of the shorts, which cost £19.37, on Instagram at the end of last week and soon amassed hundreds of comments, as well as 38,700 likes.

One baffled shopper wrote: "shorts? is this a marketing technique for your maternity line lmao".

While a second said: "Bitch those are NOT SHORTS those bitches look like a bikini bottom if anything.

"Not even good looking lingerie or nothing. Fashion Nova had been upsetting me lately…"

And a third gobsmacked woman commented: "Am I TRIPPIN…..the caption say…. 'SHORTS'."

The brand's Just Make It Brief Fringe Shorts are described as stretch and high rise, with an elastic waistband.

Another shopper said of the fringe effect: "wtf is this? Looks like it belongs on Pocahontas".

While one woman joked: "they're kinda long – I would have opted for something shorter".

And others wrote: "I need this whole ass showing I’ll pass" and: "its just so risky".

Some thought the shorts were "cute" and would look great at a Spring Break pool party or Coachella music festival – but I think we can agree they're definitely NSFW.

Last week, we revealed Fashion Nova had been mocked for Photoshopping out a model’s nipples in this revealing bodysuit.

While ASOS has been mocked for bizarre dress which looks like ‘Cinderella after the ugly stepsisters shredded her outfit’.

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