Hi, hello—just thought I’d share some important news with you: A pair of super funky, very polished and sophisicated pumps that Meghan Markle wears all the time are on a MAJOR SALE for Cyber Monday at Saks RIGHT. NOW. Here they are:

Remember them? Aren’t they amazing? Now they can be yours for a much more reasonable price than they usually are (they typically retail for $750 and now they’re going for $450—that’s 40 percent off, which is practically a steal).

If you needed proof that Meghan’s all about these babies, here’s a pic of her wearing them in February 2018. Doesn’t she make them look good?

Anyway, they’re selling out fast, because, duh, they’re cute, and this is a really good deal, so get to steppin’ if they suit your fancy!

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