ELDERLY pensioners have shared their pearls of wisdom for younger generations –  including “keep your legs together” and “spend all your money.”

Yelverton Residential Home, in Devon, has tried to keep its residents occupied during lockdown and staff asked them to write down advice on white boards. 

The task, which aimed to help the “youth of today”, generated some hilarious and heartwarming responses. 

One resident, Margaret, told youngsters to "spend all your money, enjoy yourself while you're young, have some cheek and don't be pushed around."

She also told them: "If you're nice to people more often than not they will be nice to you."

Another, known as Bett, only had one offering of advice which the care home said had gone down very well on social media.

She told youngsters to "keep your legs together."

The home has residents aged between 75 and 104 and staff said they had a huge amount of life experience to share with others.

Another resident, Coral, shared her advice and wrote: "Think before you ink, never go to bed without apologising for an argument, turn your back on an argument rather than a thump."

Tom, who was pictured with a wide grin, told youngsters simply to "have a nice Christmas."

Dottie wrote: "Always be helpful, and merry and bright."

Bety told youngsters to "work hard at school, get a good job and help others if you can."

While Tony simply added: "Be yourself."

The oldest resident in the home, Rosaleen, who is 104, also took part and wrote: "I admire them for their independence.

"They're not afraid to try anything. The young people are so much wiser than I was at that age."

Manager Peter Gaffney said the activity was part of a varied programme to show that spirits remained high despite the anxieties around Covid-19.

They have included celebrating World Gurning Day with its very own championship, indoor boules and tennis, cake making and fairground games.

He said: "This latest activity has gone a bit crazy and we were not expecting it at all.

"We have got a couple of activities coordinators here and through the lockdown with restricted visitors we have been using our facebook page a lot more to show families what is going on in the home.

"In the early days of Covid it was to show everyone we were fine and in good spirits.

"But then we thought we have got a lot of life experience in here, our oldest resident is 104, and they are good characters so we thought we would give this a go.

"We had seen it elsewhere but we were not expecting it to go off like it has on Facebook. But our residents have made a few wise comments that have made people laugh.

"We just asked them to put their comments down and put it out there. We want to show that without visitors life is continuing and we can still connect with them.

"It just shows all staff and residents are in good spirits even with all the anxieties with Covid.

"We know the residents very well so some of the comments didn't surprise us. Margs is quite a character and Bett's comment about keeping your legs closed has come across well. A lot of people have liked that one as they say that is what their mums used to say to them.

"Rosaleen is 104 so it was nice to see her comments as well."

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