But how can you ease your kids into their new sleep schedule so they don't miss a beat?

When is the end of daylight saving time?

The clocks go back, and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) will resume, on the last Sunday in October at 2am (October 28 in 2018) – when the clocks go back one hour again.

We have daylight saving changes to allow for longer daylight hours in the summer and a whole hour extra in bed when autumn arrives. 

Luckily, when the clocks go back, most devices connected to the internet like tablets, iPhones and other smartphones will update automatically.

However it's still best to check so you don't get caught out and turn up an hour early for things on Sunday morning!

The clocks in your kitchen and in your car are unlikely to update, likewise your watch and any other clocks around the house will need to be manually changed.

How can you help your children adjust when daylight saving ends?

Kids can notice the hour's change more than adults, and adjusting can be more difficult.

Thankfully, adjusting to the new time should be easier when the clocks go back, rather than forward – but there are a few tips of tricks you can use to ease them into their new schedule…

Make their bedtime later

Start sending your little ones to bed 15 minutes later and increase until they are going to bed one full hour later, before Sunday.

Let them play outdoors

Let your kids enjoy time outside, while it's still light, in the afternoon to help them stay awake a bit longer in the evening.

Change bath times and dinner times

Make your kids' bath time and dinner time gradually later to get them used to the difference over the week.

Making each 10 minutes later each day this week will help ease them in.

Limit sugar and any treats with caffeine 

Always be careful about what you feed you child later on in the day – anything sugary or containing caffeine can have a negative impact on their sleep pattern.

Keep lights on and curtains open longer this week

Letting more light in this week will help keep your kids awake for longer – and get them used to new timings.

Adjust your own schedule 

Tweaking your own schedule in the same way as your kids can help the whole family transition more smoothly and easily.

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