Girls are heading to Tonight Josephine and pulling their sexiest pose in front of the cheeky "Well behaved women don't make history" message.

A Reddit thread has now popped up discussing and poking fun at the phenomenon.

An unnamed user uploaded a photo collage and captioned it: “Tinder anywhere near this one bar in London.”

Their post has been liked thousands of times, with Tinder users agreeing neon signs were perfect fodder on the app.

After seeing how popular it is, some claimed rather than using the app, they might just cut out the middle man and head to the bar to try and get a date.

One person commented: “Ye man I’ve seen that 9999999 times… In tinder… Actually I was thinking about to go there and make a meme profile photo for mine.”

Another said: “Might be a decent place to pick up chicks, instead of tinder. I could be dead wrong of course.”

A third wrote: “Oh God I’m from London and if I had tinder I'd do that for sure.”

Another said: “To be fair, that looks like it was designed specifically for people to pose in front of.”

One wrote: “It’s like they're allergic to taking a photo from straight on.

Others criticised the posts for being unoriginal, saying: 'Like moths to the flame'

Another wrote: “Sure, I think it's lame to wait to get a photo with a sign for social media.

“I'm sure all of those women would also think it's lame for me to wait in line to attend a gaming convention.

“Everybody's got something that makes them at least a little bit of a cliche, and it's important to not write people off just for their slightly stereotypical traits.”

Another wrote: "Well behaved women don't make history. Waits in line to take a picture.”

And this person added: “I’m going to take a guess here. It's the sort of place where it's worth more as a Instagram post than as a place to go to actually enjoy yourself/the atmosphere/get good service?”

But they’re not the only bar in town dazzling punters with neon signs.

Someone pointed out Dirty Martini, in Manchester, was also a hotspot for Tinder pics, with many people posing in front of their angel wings on the app as well.

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