It burns off a lot of calories, and will keep you warm through winter too.

Many sex positions put the man in control, but The Bridge gives the woman the power.

To start, have your partner kneel on the bed or floor with you in front of them.

With both feet flat on the floor, support yourself on your arms or hands, creating a ‘bridge' with your body.

This position is great for the woman, as with both feet and your hands on the floor, you’re in full control.

You can support yourself and adjust the position to exactly how you want it as you've got more than enough purchase.

No need to tell them faster, slower or deeper, as you are in charge now – maximising your pleasure.

This works the core pretty intensely, so you’ll end up improving your abs at the same time too.

But if you want to spice things up even further, why not add some flavoured lube to the mix.

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Or why not add a bit of buzz with a vibrator, after all The Bridge is the perfect position for your partner to take charge of toys.

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Feeling frisky? The Yogi sex position is here for couples who want some extra TLC.

And The ‘booty call’ sex position is ideal for showing off your figure… and it’s super easy to do.

Plus if you love missionary? The CAT sex position is a modified version of an old classic and promises deeper pleasure.

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