IT'S the one day you get to celebrate the love of your life in front of all your friends and family.

But rather than making themselves the centre of attention on their wedding day, one pair of newlyweds instead decided to make their special day about their joint second greatest love: Biscoff.

Before she met her future husband Ben Martin, Lauren admitted she had never actually tried the biscuits and would ignore them when served with her coffee.

In what has got to be the most romantic story we've ever heard, Ben is the one who first encouraged her to try Biscoff and the pair bonded over the biscuit spread on one of their first dates at a buffet breakfast.

No wonder she married him.

Unsurprisingly, their relationship flourished from there and the pair decided to pay tribute to the delicious caramelised treats on their special day.

The couple's wedding took place in Shilstone House in Devon with photographer Vince Hutching capturing every single sweet detail.

Lauren said: "Everyone who knows me, know much I love Lotus Biscoff so it just had to be part of our day.

"I always knew that I wanted to have a Lotus Biscoff cake but then I thought to myself, why stop there?

"Every wedding needs to have a theme and it only felt right to have Lotus Biscoff as mine!"

Needless to say, the biscuit-obsessed couple did NOT hold back and ended up buying 50kg of the Lotus spread and 600 actual Biscoffs for their wedding.

After saying their I dos, Ben and Lauren posed with their FOUNTAIN of Biscoff spread before tucking in to their caramelised cake.

But what about guests who don't like Biscoff? Well, they were simply banned from the wedding… LOL jk Ben and Lauren also had a selection of cookies and brownies on offer too.

Better still, all of their guests were even sent home with a little jar of Biscoff spread as wedding favour… what we would have given to have been there.

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