Sarah Elliott and Paul Edwards married on Christmas Day – just days after matching online on December 15.

Sarah, 34, and Paul, 36, began chatting online and spoke on the phone for the first time on December 22.

The very next day they decided to get married.

And meeting for the first time on Christmas Eve at Gatwick Airport – dressed in their full wedding regalia – they boarded a plane to Las Vegas to get hitched.

They booked the Ballagio Hotel and Casino for their venue and although Sarah admitted the idea was “crazy” they were both determined to go through with it.

Sarah, from Tunbridge Wells, but originally from New Zealand, said: “We instantly clicked – there was an undeniable connection.

"I feel like Paul's my best friend already.

"I'm usually such a logical person but all the rules have been thrown out.”

Both have been wed before, with Sarah’s previous marriage only lasting six months, and Paul has two daughters aged 13 and 15, from his previous relationship.

He has yet to tell them about his new wife.

Sarah, a nanny, said: “Why not have that commitment to actually making a marriage work from the very start?

“I'm not interested in just going on dates looking for things I don't like about that person.

"I'm committing to making this marriage absolutely work – like they did in the old days.

"It's traditional, older generations might have only met their partner once or twice before getting married.

"It's similar, we just hadn't even met before."

She acknowledged it would be “challenging”, and they didn’t have “rose tinted glasses” on.

Sarah described how the pair met, and eventually decided to get married.

She said: “I saw his profile, thought he looked nice and loved what he had written about being open and honest.

"When we matched, I sent him a message.

“We spoke on the phone on Saturday night for two-and-a-half hours and then again on Sunday morning for an hour-and-a-half.

"Sunday evening we were chatting away on the phone and calling each other for three hours.

"I can't remember who brought it up, but one of us said: 'We get on so well – maybe we should get married'.

"The other one went: 'Yeah, maybe we should' and it literally spiralled from there.

"There was a moment between us where we both thought: 'We totally could do this. How amazing would it be if we got married on our first date?'

"By Monday morning – three days after we'd first started talking – we'd agreed to get married.

"We both just thought: 'Let's do this'."

Paul, who works in broadcasting, surprised Sarah at the airport with a bunch of flowers.

His new bride said: “I'd only just met him at the airport and he brought flowers and got down on one knee.

"He bought the perfect ring, it's got six diamonds on it. He's not a rich man but he knows how to treat someone.

"He bought me a watch too, I don't know how he knew I needed one.

"The flight was about 11 hours. It was hard, I was freaking out. I didn't have cold feet bus I was scared.

"I'd just met this guy in person for the first time but we already had a connection.”

She praised the whole day, revealing their minister had even appeared in a Katy Perry video.

Sarah added: “We got married at the Bellagio, My dress was incredible.

“It was huge, I've been walking up and down the strip in it.

"The wedding was amazing, the minister was great – we wanted to write our own vows but we didn't have time.”

Paul, from Chichester, said: "It's absolutely mental.

"If you'd have asked me nine days ago whether I would meet someone, start talking to them and then go running off to Vegas to get married without meeting face-to-face I'd say you were crazy.

"I don't know what happened, it's so weird as both of radius' on Bumble weren't even that close so I have no idea how we came across each other in the first place.

"Sarah just seemed really lovely, when she first phoned me we spoke for over three hours.”

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