JENNY FRANCIS samples a selection and rates their crispmas taste out of five.

Walkers, Brussels Sprout – 65p

Green like sprouts and taste like the real thing – but rather gross. Could add a bit of festive fun to a party.

  • Taste test verdict: 1/5

Co-op, Brie and Cranberry Trees – £1.50

The fun festive packaging, would brighten up any Christmas party but taste is a bit bland. Need a dip to go with them.

  • Taste test verdict: 2/5

Lidl Deluxe, Rosemary Lemon and Thyme Parsnip – 99p

Lovely roast dinner experience, full of all the flavours. Smartly packed, strikes a festive note.

  • Taste test verdict: 4/5

Kettle Chips, Truffled Cheese & Champagne – £2

Taste like an expensive cheese, with bit of fizz, but nothing new. Packaging is classy but not festive.

  • Taste test verdict: 3/5


Sainsbury's Taste the Difference – Wensleydale & Cranberry – £1.50

Sweet, like cranberry, but more like a quirky dessert treat than savoury snack.

  • Taste test verdict: 2/5


Fairfields Farm, Turkey with Sage & Onion – £1.99

Dull bag but crisps taste like Mum’s Christmas roast, with a hint of all the flavours.

  • Taste test verdict: 4/5


Asda, Pigs in Blankets – 85p

Taste exactly like Frazzles, which means smokey bacon. But there is no hint of sausage or roast dinner, so not very festive.

  • Taste test verdict: 2/5

Iceland, Christmas Tree Flavour Salted – £1

Salty with a hint of pine. Although I’ve never tried to taste a Christmas tree before, this is what I imagined. Original and tasty.

  • Taste test verdic:t 4/5

Tyrells, Raspberry Bellini – £2.19

Imagine eating raspberries dipped in salt, out of a wine glass left out over-night after a party. Just the smell made me gag. Yuk!

  • Taste test verdict: 0/5

Tesco Finest, Camembert with Rosemary – £1

Deliciously cheesy, with the perfect hint of rosemary. My favourite of the lot and a real festive treat.

  • Taste test verdict: 5/5

M&S, Glazed Gammon & Whisky – £2

Delicious taste of gammon, with hint of smokey whisky. However the flavour is not super festive, nor is the packet.

  • Taste test verdict: 4/5

Morrisons, Pigs in Blankets – £1

These taste like the real deal, strong sausage flavour with a hint of bacon. Packaging is festive-red, flavour is perfectly Chrismassey.

  • Taste test verdict: 4/5

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