Chris: Yes, and it’s hard! I’ve only ever been on the ice once before and that was at Winter Wonderland where I hung on to the edges for dear life, so this one was more suited to Kem [who did Dancing On Ice last year].

In your new ITV2 show You Vs Chris & Kem you take part in 20 challenges against daring opponents. What has been the weirdest so far?

C: I was riding a horse while towing Kem, who was attached to a rope on a skateboard.

Kem: It wasn’t funny – my feet were actually locked in.

We were going 30mph and I hurt myself a lot. Then I tore my hamstring! It’s been an emotional rollercoaster.

Are you both a tad competitive?

K: We are so competitive. Even in everyday conversation, we always want to get one up on the other.

C: This is why this show is so good for us. It’s funny, because the producers always think that we’re going to lose the challenges, but we never do.

In one episode, we play beer pong and the loser’s forfeit is to eat dog food. Obviously we won because we’re sick at the game, so we had to watch some geezer eat it all. It was rank.

Do you ever get on each other’s nerves?

K: We don’t. We have bad days, but we’ve learned to understand each other and take time out if needed.

You shot to fame for your bromance on 2017’s Love Island. Why did you go on the show?

K: The opportunity just came up. I was nervous about stuff I had going on in my life, so thought it was a way to boost my confidence.

I didn’t think I’d be chosen, but I reckon they picked me because of my vulnerability.

C: I was just bored and wanted to try something new.

You found love in the villa (Kem with Amber Davies and Chris with Olivia Attwood), but it didn’t last…

K: It’s a very forced environment in the villa and a lot of the relationships are fast-forwarded.

You meet in there and there’s nowhere else to go, so you’re constantly dating and it works. Then you come out and you quickly realise you’ve got totally different lives and friends.

C: You’re also shown a different level of female attention when you leave the villa, which doesn’t make things easier.


  • Kem had salad for lunch – he said he wanted to look trim for a Dubai holiday.
  • Chris says his ideal date night is dinner and drinks.
  • They moaned about being tired and were a little grumpy on our shoot, TBH!

Have either of you found love since?

C: I’ve been on a few dates [Chris has since been papped out with Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson]. It’s nice getting to know people, but I wouldn’t say we go out on “proper” dates.

K: I’ve barely been on a date. It’s so hard to find the time during filming.

Are you picky about the type of work you say yes to now?

C: Definitely. We’ve never gone down the route of doing paid or sponsored Instagram posts, because we have respect for our followers.

K: We don’t want to seem like we’re selling them the dream. They supported us when we were just normal, and we want to keep it like that.

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