BRITIAN'S biggest family, the Radfords, are just like any other when it comes to celebrating Halloween, but this year the bumper brood has grown in numbers.

Sue, 45, and Noel, 49, Radford, will be celebrating with their 22 kids and youngest granddaughter Ophelia, as well as their new puppy Mabel – adding to the already busy household.

The family shared a clip on their YouTube account revealing they'd welcomed another French Bulldog into the family.

The new pooch joins the family's other three dogs , Lola, Bluebell and Ivy,and two bunnies called Oreo and Peter, which they welcomed in July this year.

Sue and the older girls travelled to Blackpool to pick up the adorable puppy, before introducing the newest addition to the rest of the family.

When the Frenchie was brought back to the Radford’s 10-bed former care home, the waiting kids were extremely delighted, and took it in turns to stroke them.

The new addition comes as the family prepare for a spooktacular weekend to mark Halloween, which they revealed in another clip on YouTube.

The family, who live in Morecambe, Lancashire,are known to go big each year with costumes, face painting, themed meals and Trick or Treating.

Although Trick or Treating is out of the question this year, it won't stop the family from celebrating if previous years are anything to go by

In preparation for the scary season, the family went pumpkin picking which they do most years, despite the unpleasant weather – and Noel revealed they had to hire a bigger car so everyone could fit.

Once returning home, Noel showed off the end result as each of them had a go at carving their own pumpkins, before lining their garden fence with the frightening figurines.

But if their boxes of decorations are anything to go by, the family will have their very own haunted house to see them through the weekend, with witches, ghouls and skeletons out in force

Speaking in the clip, Sue said: "We're going to have a Halloween party and last year I'm pretty sure I got the crackers from Home Bargains so we're going to go and have a look before they're all sold out."

She revealed that they'd picked up some themed costumes for the kids and Noel, as well as some sweets and some extra Halloween "bits and bobs".

As for the youngest of the Radford clan, Heidi and Ophelia, the mum-of-22 rushed to Sainsbury's to grab a mini pumpkin costume, similar to the one Bonnie donned last year.

Last year, Chloe, who works as a make-up artist, put her artistic skills to good use, by painting some of the younger kids’ faces.

While little Archie opted for a Batman design, the others went for Frankenstein or green witch and sported scary costumes to match.

While we haven't yet seen the full extent of the spooky Halloween set up, whatever the family does for this year, we imagine it won’t be a small affair. 

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