But do the same rules apply to an ivory dress covered in a floral print? Well, the internet is divided.

One bride was shocked when a friend sent her two dress options – one purple and one ivory, with a floral print.

Sharing the text exchange on a Facebook group, the bride wrote: "Help!! I thought it was a given not to wear white to a wedding.

"I didn't think I'd have to list it!

"Should I send out a message to my guests?"

"I'll be soooo mad if she/anyone turns up in white," she continued.

The wedding guest – who is the bride's father's partner – had sent two images asking for the bride's opinion because she "[couldn't] decide".

The bride quickly replied: "You can't wear white hahahah gotta go with the purple" to which the guest responded: "It's ivory lol I'll try it on and show you the purple when I go out next and get your opinion."

After sharing the exchange online, other users were divided over the issue, with many agreeing with the concerned bride.

One wrote: "I think it's more of a lack of respect thing.

"Like they know that traditionally they shouldn't do it, but they don't respect you enough to care."

While another said: "What matters is the bride's feelings.

"Honestly, it's not that f***ing hard to choose a colour other than white to wear to a wedding.

"It's simple."

However, others disagreed with the bride's etiquette rules, with one revealing she was "so busy" on her wedding day she didn't have time to "scrutinise and judge" each outfit.

Another couldn't see a problem with the £100 dress, revealing: "I will never understand why people get their panties in a bunch over someone wearing white at their wedding.

"The dress has flowers all over it, I wouldn't give two sh**s if someone wore that to my wedding, it's cute.

"Why do brides get so insecure?"

Would you be bothered if a guest wore this dress at your wedding?

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