WITH Game of Thrones fever at an all-time high, we may have got a little carried away buying fantasy-themed memorabilia.

Now our pets can get involved, too – because B&M is selling GoT dog toys.

B&M has launched a whole range of fun toys, including rope rings, flying discs and soft figurines.

The rings feature a dragon and Jon Snow's pet direwolf Ghost, while the figurines come in the form of the Night King and a White Walker.

The flying discs bear the crests of Houses Targaryen, Stark and Lannister.

There's even a rope pull with plush dragon eggs for your pooch to wrestle with.

Over on Instagram, the budget retailer captioned a snap of the rope rings: "Your direwolves will LOVE to wrap their teeth around these #GameofThrones rope ring dog toys!

"They've got a squeaker inside too – perfect for your own Game of Bones."

The best thing about them? How little you have to spend to provide your furry friend with hours of fun.

Prices start from £1.99, with the most expensive item costing just £4.99.

They're not available to buy online, so you'll have to head to your nearest branch to track them down.

But you might have a bit of competition in the aisles. Comments on Instagram include: "Defo the white wolf for our boy," and: "These are acceptable for a cat aren't they?"

Let's hope they last longer than some of the characters, eh?


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