WITH much of the country in Tier 4, beauty salons' doors remain firmly closed for the time being.

Now, one TikTok user claims to have discovered a way to make her acrylic manicure last for months if you can't get to the salon for a top up.

Posting on the account @kay._.lianah, the woman demonstrated how to soak off fake nails, before removing them and re-applying.

The video, which she captioned "Too lazy/don't have the money to get infills?", has been viewed over 10 million times.

First, she soaks her fingers in warm water to loosen the glue before using tweezers and a tooth flossing stick to scrape the fake nail off.

She then files her natural nails before re-applying the fake ones with nail glue.

To finish the look, she adds an extra coat of clear polish on top.

While the video has received plenty of likes, nail technicians have previously advised against using tooth floss to remove acrylics.

Another TikTok clip demonstrating DIY acrylic removal using this technique was slammed by nail technician, who claim it can ruin your talons.

One person said: "This will cause so much damage to your natural nail, it's no joke! Please don't do this, just go soak them off. P.S. it makes your nails look s**t."

"Don't ever do this!" a second commented.

Another said: "No, no and also no."

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