The 29-year-old Londoner went viral on Twitter earlier this week, after she exposed Michael Fehsenfeld's criminal ways in a detailed thread.

Michael, 26, splurged on a romantic trip to Paris for his actual girlfriend, flowers and even paid his Sky bills, parking fines and council tax using her money.

Appearing on This Morning earlier today, the dental hygienist said she's still scarred from the experience – despite getting revenge on social media and seeing Michael prosecuted in court.

"My trust’s a bit broken at the moment but I’m staying positive," she told Rochelle Humes and Phillip Schofield.

"He has no remorse whatsoever. He made a song (about what happened).

"To be honest I think he always wanted to be famous. He’s got fraud on his record now, so if this is what he wants to do that’s fine.

"I got what I wanted, everyone knows the truth, that what matters."

After hearing her story, a shocked Phil said: "He is shameless, that’s for sure."

Angel and Michael dated for less than two months, but she says the relationship was "intense" – and she never suspected his true colours.

She said: "We didn’t really have a status, we were just seeing each other a lot, talking a lot, it was very intense.

"He was really funny, we had a connection, he was a nice guy. I thought he was very confident, I liked that about him, we just got along."

All that changed when Angel and Michael went on a double date with two of her friends and he claimed to have lost his bank card.

Michael promised to pay Angel back, so she happily forked out £80 on drinks, food and club entry, as well as letting him go to the bar to pay on Contactless – which is when she believes he took a photo of her card.

Michael never spoke to Angel again after the date and even blocked her on social media.

She said: "That was the last time I actually saw him. He wasn’t contacting me so I definitely thought the whole point of him dating me was to get my card details.

"It was quite a salty break-up, wasn’t very nice. "

But, when random transactions started happening on her card, she still never expected him, telling Rochelle and Phil: "I thought it was a random scammer. It happens."

Michael was caught out when he boldly booked flights from Gatwick to Paris, giving Angel and her girl squad access to his EasyJet account – where she saw his and his girlfriend's names.

She alerted the police, who arrested him at the Sussex airport, and Michael pleaded guilty to fraud at Camberwell Magistrates Court on October 22.

He was was sentenced to a 26-week sentence suspended for two years, plus 150 hours of supervised community service.

But Michael, who bought Instagram followers with Angel's money, was still boastful and bragged: "you think you caught me red-handed" in cryptic posts on social media – which is when she decided to tell her story.

Angel said: "I was thinking ‘you know what? Everyone else needs to know about this’. So I decided to make it into a funny story.

"Because if you’re going to pay for likes, it’s obviously important what people think about you. So I thought ‘I’m going to break that’."

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