A SIX-year-old’s letter to Santa has gone viral after she apologised for saying ‘bad things’, but still demanded a Nintendo and £70. 

The youngster didn’t let a little thing like being on the naughty list get in her way of her Christmas dreams, as she told Santa she ‘loves him’. 

The girl’s sister found her hilarious note, and shared it on Twitter, saying: “My 6 year old sister’s letter to Santa.”

The youngster is very precise with her list, as she demanded a yellow Nintendo, a purple bike, as well as two $50 gift cards – totalling £74 ($100) – for a PlayStation Four and Roblox. 

She wrote: “Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a yellow Nintendo and I want a stuffed animal lizard from Eisa and I want a big surprise egg. 

“And a purple bike and a gift card, PS4, $50, and a Roblox gift card, $50, and a new backpack. 

I am very very sorry for saying bad things

“I am very very sorry for saying bad things. 

“Love you.” 

She finished off her letter with a drawing of Father Christmas on his sleigh, as well as a few bear stickers to sweeten the deal. 

Numerous people have laughed at her hopeful letter, with one person saying: “The bear stickers are so adorable plssss.”

Another asked: “Kids still do this? my 7 year old niece gave me a presentation on why she thinks santa isn’t real.

“Your sister is a real one.”

While the sister added: “She’s really gullible, my brother on the other hand is suspicious.” 

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