Though she’s doing her best to distract us, there’s no way we’re taking our eyes off the massive collection of sky-high heels and Birkin bags lining Kim’s closet walls.

The former Real Housewife has a real outstanding closet, equipped with everything from see-through glass doors to a champagne doorbell.

There’s a lot to be astounded by in KrisJenner’s monster, three-room closet (which she showed off to friend Dee Hilfiger) but among the most wow-worthy moments is her massive collection of Judith Leiber purses.

If keeping your purses on a shelf just leads to closet chaos, why not borrow Mandy Moore’s solution (via organizers The Home Edit) and hang your favorites from special hooks?

Or you could do what Kylie Jenner does and build an entire closet for your enormous designer handbag collection, to ensure everything has a place – including the tiny pink Birkin she’s “definitely going to let Stormi wear probably when she says, ‘Mommy I want to carry a purse.’”

The Home Edit also artfully arranged the colorful sky-high heels of the Nashville-based singer (and People Parents Squad member), and divided her clutch collection with clever clear shelf dividers.

The actress was trying to get our opinion on the possibly questionable pants she’s sporting, but all we could see was that monster shoe wall.

Give ’em heel! The star proves she’s all about the power of the platform with her truly stacked (get it?) shoe closet.

The designer and Hollywood stylist is opening up her closet for a new Facebook series, #StyleYourself. “I believe that every woman needs a uniform,” says Zoe in a clip of the series she posted to Instagram. After giving us a peek of her sunglasses collection and color-coordinated shoe racks—which rival those of any department store—Zoe takes us into model Rocky Barnes’ closet for a styling session. 

The Glee star and LadyGang podcast host opened up her closet and shared some of her most treasured items with PeopleStyle, including these jeans which she wore when she and her husband had their first kiss. She also welcomed her co-hosts, entertainment reporter Keltie Knight and fashion designer Jac Vanek, to stop by to share their favorite pieces with us too. 

The WAGS Atlanta power couple’s closet functions as an office, as well a showcase for some of their most treasured possession and an incredible his-and-hers sneaker collections.

The Real Housewives of New York star recently renovated her Hamptons home, but if you ask us, there’s one room that more chic c’est la vie than the rest — her meticulously organized closet. 

For Kacey, who loves cowboy boots so much she has her own collection, smart shoe storage was paramount to her closet redesign. And key to keeping it all organized: clear stackable shoeboxes from The Container Store.

If the sight of dozens of designer bags, shoes and scarves get your heart racing, you’re going to love Catherine Zeta-Jones’ racecar-themed tour through the halls (yes, halls) of her incredibly luxe lair. 

There’s a lot to love in Chelsea’s massive closet, but if you’re looking for us, we’ll be over by the built-in bar.

We don’t know what thrills us more about the diva’s enormous closet – that her shoes have their own room, or that her famous Versace dress has pride of place on a mannequin.

Yep, her closet is so huge it requires two slides. And we also love that she has her own Kohl’s denim designs as part of her massive wall of jeans, as well as the style inspiration placed all around the room. We just can’t choose our favorite part!

Surprising nobody, Mariah’s closet (home to this massive assortment of shoes) is her “favorite room in the house.”

In the understatement of the year, the youngest Jenner describes her shoe collection as “pretty much every girl’s dream.”

The star is so committed to keeping things organized, she started a feature on her app called KHLO-C-D.

And to stay extra-organized, the star has a whole separate fitness closet (that comes equipped with its own fridge just for Fiji water). 

Kim’s Kloset has undergone a bunch of (tear-inducing) makeovers at this point, but it’s nice to know that even a former stylist and current clotheshorse embraces closet chaos once in a while.

The model-turned-actress had so much trouble keeping everything in her killer closet straight, she invented an app, Finery, to help her catalog the collection.

Khaled is so sure his shoe closet, built to “glorify his sneakers,” is unparalelled, he had his “We the Best” motto built into the hardwood floor.

She’s a Kardashian grandchild and gets sent custom clothing from top designers around the world, so the toddler certainly isn’t going to have just a few dresser drawers to contain her wardrobe.

Christina’s handy tip for finding the perfect pair of shoes? They’re all grouped by designer, but of course!

Clicking on Blake’s Instagram of her shoe collection takes you to a lust-inducing list of designer tags, from bestie Christian Louboutin to YSL to Lanvin.

One of many perks to having a supermodel mom? Getting to play dress-up in her closet, as Kaia Gerber can attest.

In 2008, InStyle went inside the actress’s 133-square-foot closet and rearranged it all for her – and in 2015, the star confided she left it exactly as they styled it, color-coded hanging jeans and all.

It’s worth it to watch AJ’s closet tour if for no other reason than to see sister Aly recognize things certain pieces of her own – and steal them back.

When you’ve been on The Bachelor, you need plenty of room for all the gowns – and bikinis – you’ve worn to be a standout on the show. Vanessa took us on a personal tour to show us her swimsuit storage secrets.

The Hills star turned lifestyle entrepreneur calls her closet “organized chaos,” though if that’s what chaos looks like, we don’t want to know what adjective describes our setup.

Oh sure, the bags and jewels are dazzling, but this closet tour is really worth watching to see if Giggy makes a cameo.

The Real Housewife styles her closet more like a Real Museum – and says she has racks collapsing under the weight of all her clothes.

The talk show host’s office/closet combo is noteworthy for many reasons, but we’d give top billing to the crystal-to-square-foot ratio.

Kourtney is ostensibly showing off her waist trainer, but we can’t take our eyes off that color-coordinated wall of heels.

Every sneakerhead in the world started drooling when they saw the absurdly organized setup the rapper has created for his giant collection.

You know you’re really committed to your beauty routine when you buy a chandelier-inspired display for your fragrance collection.

The model’s Nashville closet benefits from regular Goodwill-bound purges, which means it’s about time to schedule a trip to the Nashville Goodwill right about now.

The Facebook founder has lots of decisions to make in a day, so it makes sense that he’s eliminated “What should I wear to work?” as one of them.

You know you’re in Hollywood when practical jeans and tees share closet space with dreamy, swoonworthy tulle gowns. 

You wouldn’t expect anything less than a spectacular collection of Birkin bags and an hourglass containing 5,000 diamonds from the lady who had her own show called Life in the Fab Lane, right?

The stylist (and style star in his own right) showcases “daring and crazy” pieces from his wardrobe in his walk-in closet.

What Chrissy’s closet has in shoes, it lacks in underwear (as her husband John Legend points out).

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