There's nothing better than climbing into a bed with fresh sheets – but nothing worse than the job of changing them.

Whether you turn the duvet cover inside out and shake or climb inside for a fully immersive experience, it never seems to get any easier.

One woman who shared her hack to help speed along the whole process has really divided opinion, leaving some outraged while others branded it 'genius'.

Twitter user @Shenanigans_luv wrote: "I don’t know who needs to hear this but you can put two or three fitted sheets on your bed at a time and just remove the top one when it’s dirty instead of always folding them and putting them away."

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The post attracted almost 15,000 likes and people had thoughts.

Some were very much against it, with one replying: "So apparently you don’t sweat when you sleep? Like ever? Ewww girl you sleeping in old grime…"

Another said: "Dear God I hope you are joking. This is disgusting. Do you layer your underwear too?"

A third simply commented: "Ok but… sex."

One suggested: "Pro tip you don’t need to fold things to put them away, you can actually just put things in cupboards unfolded."

Others were a bit more open to the idea, with one person commenting: "OMG you’ve just hacked my life."

And some went a bit off course.

"I have 200 fitted sheets on my bed now what," replied one.

Another said: "Three fitted sheets for the same bed!?!

"Thanks for the advice Mrs Rockefeller. Must be nice being wealthy."

Would you put three sheets on your bed at once?


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