With the Battle at Winterfell right around the corner, it’s no secret that Arya Stark has been preparing. The first two episodes of season 8 have seen her commission a dragonglass weapon — among other things — from Gendry. While many suspect this weapon is intended to kill the Night King, a new theory suggests it’s for a different, even larger target: the ice dragon Viserion.

Yesterday, HBO released a photo from Sunday’s upcoming episode. It features Arya standing on the ramparts of Winterfell, and watching the army of White Walkers approach as she clutches her new dragonglass lance. According to Refinery29, this high-up placement suggests that Arya is hunting something high above the ground (like, say, a flying ice dragon).

Then there’s the weapon itself: from Arya’s sketch, and our brief glimpse at the finished product, Elite Daily reminds us that it looks awfully similar to the spear that initially killed Viserion, wielded by the Night King. And if she is in fact planning to hurl it like a spear, we’ve seen plenty of evidence of her marksmanship in season 8 alone. Remember when she threw three arrowheads past Gendry’s head? Sure, that was partly just flirting — but it was also a great reminder of what she can do with a weapon.

So, if we have Arya perched high in the ramparts with a steady grasp on her wight-killing dragonglass, we know she at least has a very good shot at killing Viserion. That is, if the Night King is going to Winterfell instead of King’s Landing like a different theory suggests. The only question that remains is whether that’s her immediate goal — or whether she has her eyes on another target.

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