The One With 24 Little Doors: This 2020 Friends Advent Calendar Is Full of “Central Perks”

Someone summon the Holiday Armadillo, because the holidays have arrived according to this 2020 Friends Advent Calendar. The Central Perk-themed calendar features 24 festive little doors made to be peeled back in the days leading up to Christmas. Behind the doors, you can find cute callbacks to the show and coffee-inspired merch — including mini coffee cups, scented erasers, stamps, sticky notes, and more. There are even Friends trivia cards so you can challenge the Joey to your Chandler over a cup of coffee. (Loser has to eat whatever’s left of Rachel’s Thanksgiving Trifle.) If you’re curious to see what’s hiding behind each door, shop the Friends Advent Calendar for yourself here, and check out these pivot-worthy Friends Christmas ornaments ahead of the holidays.

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