Tesco has been mocked after a shopper spotted an enormous display of Christmas chocolates unfortunately placed beside a sign for ‘sweet-free checkouts’.

In the picture, tubs of family favourites like Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes were seen stacked several feet high in what is supposed to be a chocolate-free zone.

The image was shared on Reddit by user grishnackh with the caption: "good work Tesco".

The photo, taken at an undisclosed location, has received a number of responses from people mocking the supermarket.

One said: "It’s Christmas all rules go out the window when it comes to food".

"Plot twist, they’re all filled with various knitting bits," another said.

"Or they’re filled with empty wrappers in a ball wrapped up in wrappers to look like sweets," someone else joked.

In 2015, Tesco banned sweets and chocolates from checkouts in all UK stores.

The move aimed to help customers lead healthier lives and reduce "pester power", as research conducted by the company revealed that families with young children have the most unhealthy shopping baskets.

Sweet treats were replaced with healthy snacks, such as dried fruit and nuts.

David Wood, Managing Director of Health and Wellness for Tesco said of the move at the time: "We hope this will make our customer’s lives easier, as taking sweets and chocolates off the checkouts will really help parents with young children.

"As a parent of two young children myself, I know how challenging it can be to navigate the checkouts with children in tow."

Mirror Online has contacted Tesco for comment and will update the story.

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