NOTE: This article contains sexual and offensive language and may be triggering for some readers. Please read at your own discretion.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews was in a Twitter dispute with comedian D.L. Hughley after watching an old interview where Hughly says the actor did not do enough to prevent his alleged sexual assault.

Crews added his name to the list of Hollywood’s sexual harassment victims in October 2017 when he took to Twitter to reveal that he was groped by a high-level talent agent at an industry party.

He also discussed the incident and named Adam Venit as the alleged groper on Good Morning America.

“Back in February 2016, I was assaulted by Adam Venit, who is head of the motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor, one of the biggest agencies in the world, period,” Crews said.

Since going public with his accusations, Crews has become an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement and Hughley’s comments did not sit well with the actor.

Hughley told VLADTV in August: “I think it’s hard for me to think that a dude with all those muscles can’t tell an agent to not touch his ass.”

He added: “I don’t understand. I think now everybody’s so into this notion of ‘hey, it happened to me too.’ Hey, motherf**ker, God gave you muscles so you could say no, and mean it.”

“@RealDLHughley You told the world “God Gave Me Muscles So I Could Say No…” Are you implying I “wanted” to be sexually assaulted?” Crews asked Hughley.

“You saw the video!” Hughley responded.

“Sir you said I should have pushed him back, or restrained him and I DID ALL THOSE THINGS… but you act like I didn’t. Were you there?” Crews responded.

“That’s different than slapping the sh*t outa him,” Hughley tweeted back.

Crews responded: “So sir… If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behaviour… Should I slap the sh*t out of you?”

During Hughley’s interview, the comedian added that he hadn’t experience Crews’ situation, but if he did he imagined that he would’ve reacted differently. “Listen, I’ve had agents, a lot of them, you can’t touch my dick if I pay you, because I can get another you,” he said.

“Sometimes you just say ‘hey motherf**ker I don’t care what people think of me, you ain’t doing this today,’” the comedian said.

A few hours after the Twitter back-and-forth, Hughley posted a photo on Instagram that read, “It’s always the people that know you the least, that judge you the most.”

He captioned the photo, “#Indeed ✌?? No witty captions necessary??‍♂️ #TeamDL#isaidwhatisaid #notakebacks#itiswhatitis.”

#Indeed ✌?? No witty captions necessary??‍♂️ #TeamDL #isaidwhatisaid #notakebacks #itiswhatitis

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Crews received support from his fellow Brooklyn Nine-Nine casemates and Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter.

“I appreciate your courage,” Bernice King tweeted.“ You are a compassionate, educating voice for male victims of sexual assault.”

Chelsea Peretti, who plays Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, wrote, “I remember this skater kid I had a crush on when I was a kid being so sweet but also so on drugs & telling me he was molested. I wonder where he is now and I hope he is okay. Male victims of sexual predators are everywhere too and it hurts my soul that anyone would silence them.”

She continued: “I say this to say I feel it is very important that @terrycrews has stood strong in his truth and hope it has helped some man or boy in the shadows know that violence or drugs or self-harm aren’t the only path and that they are not alone.”

Dirk Blocker, who plays Hitchcock in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, wrote: “I know and love Terry Crews. His physical strength is matched by his mental strength – his ability to control his impulses. Only a fool would trade a jail sentence & career suicide for the satisfaction of striking a clearly sick man.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse or is involved in an abusive situation, please visit the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime for help. They are also reachable toll-free at 1-877-232-2610.

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