LOS ANGELES – Do not blindly follow what you see on Netflix.

That is the advice from the police in the American state of Utah after a teen drove a pickup truck blindfolded, resulting in an accident.

In the Netflix hit Bird Box, a mother, played by Sandra Bullock, has to attempt a treacherous river escape with her two children, with all blindfolded to avoid catching a glimpse of a malevolent entity that makes people kill themselves.

According to the Layton police department, the teen, aged 17, had her hat over her eyes. It made her lose control of her vehicle which strayed into the opposite lane and hit a car.

The unnamed teen, her 16-year-old passenger and occupants of the car escaped serious injury.

The teen was taking part in the “Bird Box Challenge” where folk recorded themselves doing tasks blindfolded, reported various media.

“It’s just inexcusable to do something as dangerous as this, not only to yourself but also everyone else on the road,” said Lieutenant Travis Lyman.

But the police are not turning a blind eye to what happened. He added that the teen would be charged with reckless driving.

Last week, Netflix urged fans to skip the challenge.

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