Three weeks after Taiwanese singer Stella Chang announced her shock divorce from her banker husband Sung Hsueh-jen, Taiwanese media reported that singer Rachel Liang has also ended her marriage.

Liang, 33, married evangelist Amos Zhang, 31, in 2016 after they had dated for more than two years. They had met each other at a church event.

She has posted several photos with Mr Zhang on social media since their marriage. On April 9, she posted photos of her birthday celebration the day before, which was attended by several friends. She was seen in one of the photos being hugged by her husband from behind.

But in a hint that not all was well, Liang wrote on May 7, “I am sad today, but I don’t think anyone can tell.”

Taiwan’s Apple Daily reported that on June 21, Mr Zhang had confessed in front of 500 people at a church service that he had “betrayed” Liang and their marriage.

The singer’s manager told Apple Daily that the two have since “parted amicably”, but did not address the rumour of a third party in their marriage.

Liang, the runner-up of Taiwan’s reality star search television show One Million Star in 2008, had said in past media interviews that she could not adapt to marriage life initially.

She had, on occasion, moved back to her family home and even kicked Mr Zhang out of the house due to her outbursts. She said her husband would give in to her for the sake of harmony.

The couple had planned to have children, but Liang has had problems conceiving as she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome.

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