Fans of The Office, you’ll want to sit down for this one. During Tuesday’s episode of Busy Philipps’ late-night talk show on E!, Busy Tonight, Steve Carell surprised Jenna Fischer in such a Michael Scott way. Their emotional reunion will definitely make fans of the beloved NBC comedy laugh and cry.

The epic surprise all started when Philipps decided to help Fischer celebrate her birthday early. Fischer sat down an unwrapped special presents in cardboard boxes (if you’re an avid watcher of her Instagram Stories, you know Fischer loves opening boxes delivered to her house) gifted to her from former Office costars, including Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms.

However, it was Carell’s gift that was truly the best of all. He literally hid inside a huge box for a good amount of time in order to not only give Fischer the surprise of her life, but also scare in her in the process. How Michael Scott of him, right? Office fans might also think back to that time Dwight chilled inside a box in the warehouse in season one, episode four, “The Alliance.”

Anyways, as soon as Fischer walked over to the box and opened it, she was overwhelmed. First, she screamed, because the Splitting Up Together star wasn’t expecting Carell to jump out. Then, you could see she was beyond happy to see the man who played Pam’s boss for all those years. At one point, Fischer started to cry, which were definitely happy tears. Fischer also took to her Instagram Story after filming Busy Tonight and you could tell she was still weepy about the surprise, and understandably so.

This isn’t the first time that Carell and Fischer have reunited recently. They, along with Kemper and Helms, got together for Carell’s Saturday Night Live opening monologue last November. They just can’t stay away from each other, and we’re totally fine with that decision.

Let’s face it, whenever The Office cast reunites, it’s truly a wonderful gift to fans. Who’s with us when we say to keep all the Dunder Mifflin reunions coming?

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