SINGAPORE – Wu Chun might no longer be part of a popular boyband as Fahrenheit is on indefinite hiatus, but much of his life is still in the spotlight. His wife, two children and, more recently, his father have all appeared on various reality television shows in China.

But the 39-year-old Brunei national says he is not worried about the impact of the exposure on his two children: his daughter, affectionately known as Nei Nei, 8, and his son Max, 5.

He says: “If we lived in China, I probably wouldn’t have said yes to appearing in those programmes since it would have disrupted their daily lives. But my kids live in Brunei – they have never been asked for photos, not even once – so I’m not worried.”

The heart-throb found a new following in China after he and his children appeared on the fifth season of family-based reality TV programme Where Are We Going Dad? in 2017. Chinese viewers cooed over the doting father and his adorable kids. His wife appeared in one episode of the series while he and his 72-year-old father were on the new variety show The Best Times.

While his children have not made many TV appearances since the season ended, he says both of them are doing great.

“Nei Nei just got a distinction for her Grade 2 piano exam, and for singing as well, so I’m really happy for her. She was really nervous before it,” says Wu.

Max, who celebrated his birthday in October, has started playing basketball. “His birthday wish is to grow taller. I don’t know why he’d wish for that, nobody’s ever said he’s short.”

On Saturday (Dec 8), around 300 fans gathered to see Wu, who is Skechers’ brand ambassador, open the Mark Nason x Skechers concept store in Bugis Junction – the first in South-east Asia. Nason is an American footwear designer with his own line, Mark Nason Los Angeles Footwear.

Wu is a collector himself and says he owns over 100 pairs of sneakers from Skechers and has a total of about 200 pairs of shoes at home.

He says: “I love sneakers, they’re so comfortable. But I’m not the kind to just collect and keep them there – I believe that shoes are meant to be worn.”

And good news for Fahrenheit fans, the singer-actor does not rule out the possibility of a comeback.

“We have definitely talked about a reunion and we are interested. But a comeback concert is not always the easiest thing to arrange, so maybe not right now.”

The quartet, which was formed in 2005, also included Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen. They were one of the most successful boybands in Taiwanese entertainment, appearing in hit dramas like Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (2006 to 2007) together. Wu left the group in 2011 and the members have since branched out into solo careers.

He adds: “I haven’t sung in a while so if we do have a comeback, I’ll definitely be nervous. But I probably won’t feel the same amount of pressure as I felt in the past as an idol. If we come back now it’ll be a special, nostalgic thing, which is different and less stressful.”

As for his future plans, Wu says he hopes to do more charity work.

“Causes involving children and exploring their potential and providing them with good education – that’s something I really hope to do.”

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