When it comes to chocolate, there’s a wide variety out there for people to chose from.

Whether you like white, milk or dark, there’s bound to be a chocolate bar out their to suit your tastes – be it a simple Freddo or a decadent salted caramel slab.

If you’re really feeling luxurious, you could even treat yourself to a sweet treat from the likes of Fortnum & Mason.

This was something one hungry Twitter user decided to do recently, however he couldn’t help but notice something rather unusual about the company’s chocolate bars.

The department store offers customers the chance to peruse a ‘chocolate library’, where each chocolate bar has a rather bizarre name, and is priced between £5.95 and £6.95 per bar or £140 for the complete set.

One chocolate bar available to buy is filled with Marc de Champagne and titled The Obedience Of Bubbles The Dog.

Another, made of dark chocolate, is called The Descent To Darkness.

While a third bar, with milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, is named The Peculiar Bees of Salt Bay.

Twitter user Alex Smith shared photos of several of the chocolate bars online and wrote: "I… I hope the person naming the chocolate bars in @Fortnums is doing ok."

His post went viral, quickly garnering over 2,000 likes and many responses.

One person replied: "I want to meet this person so bad! I have questions, so many questions!"

A different user proclaimed: "We’ve officially reached peak hipster pretentiousness. There’s nowhere to go but up an avocado mountain wearing only a poached egg."

A third asked: "Did the person who named them previously work for Farrow & Ball?"

Sophie Young, Confectionery Buyer at Fortnum & Mason has since revealed why the store uses such unusual names for their chocolate bars.

She said: "We wanted out chocolate bars – which can be enjoyed individually or bought as a ‘library’ – to marry the worlds of chocolate and literature. Both can be sweet, and equally both can be very dark.

"We created titles and stories for each bar that celebrate the exceptional ingredients used, and that make the purchase that bit more special, inspiring and beguiling for our customers."

She added: "We’re known to be playful with our language and on occasion it takes on a slightly surreal quality, harking back to the 30s when our commentaries were a little bonkers, in the best possible – and most delightfully Fortnum’s – way."

You can buy Fortnum & Mason chocolate bars here.

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