Putting your relationship online for the judgemental eyes of the internet to see is a risky business.

Still, this didn't stop one couple from demonstrating their love to the world .

Maybe we're all just a bunch of embittered cynics, but their "relationship goals" video is definitely getting attention – just for the wrong reasons.

In a short clip posted to Twitter by 'Rad Dates' we see a boyfriend – and we're not exaggerating here – SUMMON his girlfriend to him then cup her chin like she's his pet – all while cheesy music plays.

What's even more baffling about this is that the girl seems to enjoy this, er, ritual.

While we can just about file this under "different strokes for different folks", others were less…charitable with their reactions.

First there came the spoofs.

Admittedly, a few people thought it was "cute".

But plenty of others weren't quite as keen.

"Kinda seems demeaning," wrote someone who wasn't a fan of this unique species of PDA.

"I literally can't imagine running up to a man for any reason," wrote someone else.

And asking the question on everyone's mind, one man added, "What the hell is this?"

Answers on a post card, please.

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