Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have been happily married for 15 years, but their long love affair continues to haunt them. It certainly doesn’t help that season 4 of The Crown, which revisits the Princess Diana years, is making everyone remember the awkward history of their royal love triangle.

Viewers of the Netflix series and fans of the late Princess Diana aren’t letting Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla get away with their behavior and are commenting on their social media accounts. Trolls have taken to the couple’s official Twitter page, Clarence House, to voice their opinions on the royals’ posts about their charitable endeavors.

One person commented, “Princess Diana is a prime example of-no matter how beautiful a woman is, how powerful or accomplished she is, there is a lesser man somewhere who can completely undermine her existence, and she will let him.” Others go on to attack the Duchess of Cornwall, calling her a “house breaker & a monster” and claiming that Prince Charles “will never be King and neither deserves it.”

Clarence House had enough of the negative comments and subtly addressed the issue with one swift action — they turned off the comments section on their Twitter page. It immediately shut down all of their detractors without having to say a word. Fortunately, things are going smoother over on the royals’ Instagram page, which still has commenting enabled.

These attacks are being called unfair by royal experts who duly note that it was Princess Diana who cheated in the marriage first, not Prince Charles. “It should also be emphasized that Diana strayed first from the marital bed, with her affair that began in 1985 with her protection officer, Barry Mannakee,” royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told Vanity Fair.

In 1986, Mannakee was removed from his royal duties, Bedell Smith said, adding that Princess Diana met James Hewitt shortly afterward, “and they became lovers that November.” That same year, Prince Charles and Camilla reignited their love affair. 

Even with this historical timeline given by royal experts, Charles and Diana’s marriage reminds so many of the difficulties the Princess encountered during her time with the British Royal Family and her tragic passing — and makes it hard to muster excitement for the Prince and his duchess.

“As we look ahead, we Brits, we’re not very enthusiastic about King Charles III or Camilla,” Battle of Brothers author Robert Lacey revealed to SheKnows. “Camilla is a woman who is at the root of all that unhappiness at the ’80s and ’90s.”

With season 4 of The Crown remaining in the Top 10 this holiday season with Netflix viewers, it’s a reminder to Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla that those difficult memories are hard to erase. Even if the show is a fictionalized version of a true story, their union is still a tough sell decades later. 

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