The new episode of Total Bellas is one for the romantics out there. In an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode from Entertainment Tonight, Nikki Bella gets a special care package from Bachelorette alum Peter Kraus after the two go on what turns out to be kind of an awkward first date. Despite some of the weird vibes, Kraus attempts to woo Bella in a pretty special way.

In the clip, Bella receives a package with a Halloween card (the episode was filmed last fall) and what turns out to be several packages of black licorice, one of Bella’s favorite candies. Before she gets to the licorice, Bella reads the card aloud: “I think my house is haunted. My wine keeps disappearing when I’m the only one home. Happy Halloween. This gift has nothing to do with Halloween, but I thought the card was appropriate. Here’s a little something for your breakfast and for your creative thoughts. Enjoy!”

Reflecting on the gift, Bella notes, “I am a huge, like, lover of black licorice. Just like my wine, I’m very picky about it. But, because Peter didn’t bring my favorite licorice last time, he shipped out every type of brand of black licorice to me. That was just the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Like, I have to give it to Peter, he’s really smooth.”

Later, she notes, “I love things like this that are extremely thoughtful. That means a lot to me… Maybe there will be a second date.”

This season of Total Bellas shows Bella going on a handful of dates as she struggles to get over her breakup with John Cena after calling off their engagement and wedding last spring. One of those dates is with her former Dancing with the Stars partner, Artem Chigintsev; Bella and Chigintsev are rumored to be dating steadily now.

Although Kraus seemingly pulled out all the stops for Bella, she admitted on a recent episode of Busy Tonight that ultimately, their first date was super-awkward because she knew it was going to air on reality TV.

“It was so awkward and I totally got drunk,” Bella told host Busy Philipps. “Here I am having this first date and all of a sudden I look to my left and it’s, like, two camera crews and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is so weird.’ I didn’t even want to flirt because it was just so weird and awkward.”

Total Bellas airs Sundays at 9/8c on E!.

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