HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE CHONG: She had no dining companions, but she sure had a feast.

Local actress and comedienne Michelle Chong celebrated her 43rd birthday last Thursday alone at home, but she is not complaining.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, she uploaded a photo of herself in a bathrobe surrounded with bouquets and several cakes. A sumptuous spread of lobster and oysters was laid out on her dining table.

She wrote: “Who says you can’t have a nice birthday dinner alone at home. Thank you all for your flowers, cakes, food, alcohol, gifts and well wishes! My heart is full (and so is my stomach still).

“I wish all of you whose birthday falls within the circuit breaker period a special and memorable birthday too.”

She revealed that she got her meal of lobsters, oysters and mentaiko (pollack roe) sauce from local online seafood retailer The Ocean Mart.

Fellow actresses Rebecca Lim, Jacelyn Tay and Jamie Yeo congratulated her in the post and wished her a happy birthday.

Yeo felt sorry that her friend had to spend her birthday alone, but Chong replied: “I had a fantastic time, though. I spent it alone, but I was not lonely.”

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