The mystery surrounding the disappearance of an Egyptian Pharaoh’s mummified body may have been solved.

Experts taking part in the Ancient Aliens documentary series believe Pharaoh Akhenaten’s remains may have been deliberately moved or destroyed.

They claim an ancient cover up saw the mummy moved in a bid to stop people finding about the life he led.

Swiss TV personality Giorgio A Tsoukalos, who believes alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans, said Italian archaeologist Alessandro Barsanti visited Amarna, Egypt, back in 1891.

Mr Barsanti had been on the hunt for Pharaoh Akhenaten’s mummified body, but despite visiting the tomb, no evidence of the remains could be found.

In a clip from the latest episode from the show on the Blaze channel, the narrator poses the question: “Maybe he was never actually buried in his tomb, or he may have been removed.”

Akhenaten had a 17-year reign from 1,353BC to his death in 1,370BC, Daily Star Online reports.

But his short reign was filled with controversy.

He wanted to change everyone’s understanding of religion, telling his subjects to worship just one God – the Sun God Aten – instead of many gods.

The narrator of the episode added: “Imagine if the mummy of Akhenaten has never been found because it was deliberately hidden or destroyed, to keep us discovering its alien origins.”

Back in 2016 Archaeologists in Spain used a 3D scanner to reveal the secrets of four ancient mummies.

A team of historians and doctors were set to use the footage to study the lives, cause of death and funeral rituals of the individuals.

The specimens are three Egyptians and one Guanche – aboriginal people who lived in the Canary Islands – from the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid, Spain.

The mummies were carefully taken to the University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid, the only facility with the latest scanning technology.

The scanner, which has low levels of radiation but a very high resolution, allowed the X-rays to penetrate their subject.

Egyptologist Carmen Perez Die said: "I have spent all my life with these mummies, they are very important pieces and I am looking forward to beginning this new way of studying them with which we will learn many new things about them that until now we could not access."

The most recent images that the team previously had of the mummies are from radiographies taken in 1976.

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