You know how it is – you're enjoying a soft play session with your darling child when, suddenly, they unleash a poo "blow out" you are SERIOUSLY unprepared for.

This is awkward and annoying enough in itself.

However, the whole experience was made all the more uncomfortable for mum blogger Stephanie Hollfield – all thanks to a disgusted employee at the indoor play area.

His reaction made Stephanie feel bad, guilty – like it was her fault.

Describing the incident, she wrote: "It was a total blowout, the kind that oozed out of his pull-up and straight down his legs.

"An employee escorted my disgusting toddler off the playground. He was…annoyed."

The entire play area had to be evacuated and the equipment sanitised.

Stephanie continued: "The gentleman’s face was squished in anger and frustration as he continued to stare at me for several seconds after he stopped talking.

"I apologized profusely. 
I told him I would clean it all up.
I felt like a bad mom."

All while a mortified Stephanie was rummaging for wet wipes and saying sorry, the man kept staring.

"[…] what I really wanted to say was, 'Look mister, I am sorry this happened, but to be fair..


As painful as the encounter was, it got Stephanie thinking.

She explains: "Since then, my son has grown up a bit.

"He is an incredible child who makes me proud most of the time, but he still isn't past getting in trouble.

"He stole his friend's toy.
He kicked a kid on the playground.
He screamed a curse word in class.

"I have done none of these things personally, yet I still find myself feeling the shame over his behavior."

What each incident has made Stephanie realise is that "As parents, we can't take too much credit for their successes. We can't take too much blame for their failures.

"Mama, remember that you can be an amazing person and have a kid who messes up.

"We put our everything in to setting them up for greatness, but they are going to screw up from time to time.

"You are a whole person who is defined by so much more than how your child is acting today."

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