Aldi is perfect when it comes to feeding all the family without breaking the bank and picking up a brilliant bargain.

And while most of us love the budget supermarket, one mum really isn't a fan.

In fact, she was so unimpressed that she shared a hilarious rant online about the 'issues' with the stores.

She claims "there is no right time" to shop there, and says your children will "absolutely destroy" you if you take them with you, reports Cambridge News .

She also slams people who break Aldi's one-way system, referencing the "bloody rebel" Doreen who forgets bread and goes around it backwards.

There's then the super speedy checkout worker  "Turbo Tracey" – who she claims is "after an Olympic Gold Medal in food scanning".


While most people love Aldi and its prices, many did find themselves chuckling at some of the very relatable points.

The brutally honest Facebook post had been shared thousands of times and won the hearts of exhausted parents all over the country.

So next time you're shopping at Aldi and forget the bread, think about her list and don't be like Doreen.

Aldi has already treated shoppers to lots of amazing products which will make this summer even more fun.

Its bargain garden log burner has already sold out online, which is hardly surprising as it costs just £59.99 compared to other brands which are ofter over £100.

It's also bringing back it's semi-legendary Big Daddy steak – described as the "perfect BBQ show stopper".

Weighing in at 16oz – that's more than 450g – this 21-day matured, extra thick slice of beef costs just £4.99 and is now in stores.

But Aldi's not stopping there in its mission to make your barbecue better – with its brand new Specially Selected Perfect Burger also on sale for £2.49 for a two-pack.

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