A mum has joked (we hope) that she’s going to start issuing toilet tickets to her family because they’re all spending too long on the loo.

The woman claims every time she tries to use the bathroom either her partner or one of their kids are already in there.

She says she’s much "quicker at using the loo than the rest of the family" and says she is sick of having to wait.

So she’s debating taking serious action, and said she might start issuing time slots and punch cards to make them speedier.

The other option was to have the toilet electrified and anyone who is sitting on it for more than five minutes gets a "nasty shock".

Writing on the parenting website Mumsnet she said: "We have one toilet, which is inside the bathroom.

"Every time I walk upstairs to use the loo some f***** is in the toilet. I am much quicker at using the loo than the rest of the family.

"I’m sick of it and I’m going to start issuing time slots and punch cards.

"Or have the toilet electrified and anyone who goes over their 5 minutes gets a nasty shock."

Other parents found her ideas very funny and were quick to offer up alternative suggestions.

One wrote: "We’ve just moved and theres an en suite now. There’s four of us. I can really recommend a second loo! Or maybe a bucket."

Another commented: "Doorman/cloakroom attendant. The only solution. Or possibly a clock card. Electrocution is a bit severe……. for 5 minutes. Wait til 10 at least."

One woman understood her pain, writing: "Oh, I so need this. DH and both DSs apparently need an hour of toilet time each day as a minimum. I wish we could find space for a downstairs loo."

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