Splinters can be a real pain to get out, and sometimes we'll spend hours with the tweezers if they're really stuck in there.

And it's even harder when our kids get them, and trying to get them out while dealing with tears and lots of wriggling can be a real challenge.

But one mum has shared an incredibly clever trick which removed a splinter from her little girl's finger effortlessly and painlessly.

She shared the hack on social media, and other parents are completely amazed.

Claire Bullen-Jones, from Leigh, has been using the trick for years with her own children but didn't think to share it until one of her friends put a post on Facebook about her little one having a splinter, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The mum-of-two wrote: "Grab the calpol box and take out the syringe that comes with it.

"Make sure it’s clean obviously! You need to make sure there’s a little bit of a gap before you start-picture for example."

"Put the small hole at the bottom of the syringe as best you can over the splinter.

"Once you know your (sic) above it, make sure the syringe is touching the skin-and pull! Make sure there’s no gaps otherwise you won’t get it."

Claire advises the syringe will "more than likely" pull the splinter out on your first attempt with no pain, no tugging or pulling and "no little ones upset or scared at getting it out."

She also recommends you don't pull the syringe slowly but do it quickly.

And if it's a stubborn splinter, try it a few times.

"It saves so much time," Claire says. "And well worth seeing the kids smile at the end of it rather than red faces and tears!"

"Because the plastic is clear, you can check what’s been taken out of the skin! Best parent hack to date! Pass it on mums and dads!"

Her post has since been shared more than 68,000 times and received more than 19,000 Facebook reactions.

It seems other mum and dads couldn't believe they had never thought of this.

Emma Wallis wrote: "Definitely be doing this next time!! Fab idea. I'm so glad I came across this too because it'll help me aswell as I'm a wuss with anything like this and hate the kids getting so upset from trying to get them out."

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