A mum is planning to wrap up a potato and give it to her three-year-old son for Christmas in a desperate bid to get him to stop biting.

The woman has tried everything she can think of to stop her little boy, but has started to take drastic action after he tried to bite to his three-month-old sister.

On the previous occasion she warned him that Father Christmas sees everything, and told him he would just get a potato if he did it again.

And now she’s determined to follow through with the punishment, hoping it might set him straight, but she’s had a mixed reaction from family and friends.

The woman decided to share her idea on Mumsnet to see what other parents thought.

She wrote: "DS [darling son] 3 is a biter. We have tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop.

"Final straw was the other day when he tried to bite his 3-month-old sister (he didn’t manage to as I grabbed him). I had warned him last time he bit me that Santa would see and for every time he bit anybody from now on Santa would replace a present with a potato.

He didn’t listen, and tried to bite DD. I’ve told him that Santa has seen and one of his presents is now a potato.

I HATE not following through on punishments. I’m inclined just to wrap up a potato and chuck it in his stocking and then when he opens it on Christmas Day remind him that he was warned.

"I’m not going to throw away any of his presents, so he’s not actually going to miss out he will just think he has.

"DM [darling mother] and a few friends think I’m horrible. DH, DF and a few other friends think it’s a great idea.

"WIBU [would it be unreasonable] to do this? I’m running out of ideas to get him to stop and I really am losing the will to live over it. Please feel free to also offer tips on how you stopped your child biting…"

Some parents thought it was a good idea and said she should do it.

One replied: "I think it’s a good idea. As you say, he’s not losing out on presents but he obviously doesn’t really believe there will be consequences at the moment."

Another added: "Basically if you don’t do it, you’ll be utterly f*****. So you don’t have much choice!"

One said: "My experience has been to NEVER threaten a punishment and fail to carry it out. You will lose credence.Empty words of warning are pointless and useless."

But others believe it’s a terrible idea.

One wrote: "No No No. Give him a break on xmas. But continue your good work parenting afterwards. He’ll remember the xmas he had a potato all his life and I’m sure you don’t want that."

Another added: "No! YABVU. Firstly at his age deferred punishments are not effective. Consequences need to be immediate for him to make any connection. Secondly it is not really teaching him why we don’t bite. Thirdly it will put a downer on Christmas morning, when he might be behaving well. Just a really bad idea all round."

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