Saturday Night Live returned with a cold opening that featured Eric Trump, played by Alex Moffat, haunted by the boogey man, who turns out to be Robert Mueller, played by Robert De Niro.

The scene starts with Donald Trump Jr., played by Mikey Day, walking in to Eric’s bedroom in Trump Tower.

Eric swears there’s a boogey man in his closet, to which Don Jr. replies “Have you been watching the news again? You can’t watch that stuff, it’s too grown up.”

To help Eric fall asleep, Don Jr. reads him the classic book, The Night Before Christmas.

“If ever there is a word you don’t understand, say ‘stop,’” Don Jr. advises, which Eric does after the first word in the story.

Suddenly there is a loud creaking and Eric gets scared.

“It’s just the cheap steel Dad uses to build his towers,” Don Jr. reassures.

But it wasn’t the cheap steel, but Mueller lurking in the bedroom closet!

Don Jr. doesn’t see Mueller, who signals for Eric to be quiet.

Soon Don Jr. gets an important phone call (“How bad is it? Oh God!”) and leaves the room.

Mueller then comes out of the closet to have a word with Eric.

Mueller assures Eric that he is safe because it was pretty clear early on in the investigation that he doesn’t know anyone, despite Eric saying he knows “Mr. Pillow Fort,” referring to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Mueller talks about his latest memo released that had a lot of information redacted.

“Do you know what redacted is?” Mueller asks.

“Like when my Dad said Jeff Sessions is redacted,” Eric responded.

In the end, Mueller assures Eric that America will be just fine, and it is filled with “good people.”

“[But] people say you’re the worst thing that ever happened to my Dad,” Eric says.

“No, getting elected president was the worst thing to happen to your Dad,” Mueller responds.

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