I’ve never been one for exaggerations, so please understand that I truly mean it when I say that Mariah Carey has saved the holidays. The queen of Christmas music has topped herself — which makes sense because no one else could ever — and has given us a holiday collaboration that sounds like what I imagine an angels’ choir does. In a move that only the most optimistic of us could ever wish for, Carey teamed up with Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande for “Oh Santa,” a festive jam that makes you forget the world is literally burning and almost look forward to the holidays!

Carey first teased fans with the collaboration on Oct. 9, posting a photo of three chairs with each diva’s initials on them. We all had our fun guessing who the other two could be, but in our heart of hearts, we knew. And good golly, Miss Molly, we were right! The music video is full of all kinds of Christmas cheer that will melt the most Grinch-esque of hearts, and Carey, Hudson, and Grande remind us that the best is even better than the best when they’re together! Those harmonies? That whistle-tone duet? What else could we have asked Santa for?

The track dropped on Dec. 4 as the lead single to the soundtrack of Carey’s holiday special on Apple TV+, Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special, which debuted on the same day. Whew, the vocals runs alone will have you drunker than your cousin’s special eggnog. Since words will never be enough to describe the amazingness that is this holiday collaboration, do yourself a favor and check out the video above! I’m already on my umpteenth replay and might even be putting up the Christmas tree later.

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