Now this is a way to wish everyone happy holidays. Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa shared their family Christmas card on Instagram on Tuesday, and, well, Riverdale fans will greatly approve. Believe it or not, but the card features Camila Mendes and Marisol Nichols, who play Consuelos’ TV daughter and wife, respectively, on CW’s Riverdale. How hilarious is that?

The front of the card shows Mendes, Consuelos, and Nichols like a happy family with big smiles. The words, “Happy holidays from our family to yours (no actual wives or children were used in this photo),” are printed, as well.

If that isn’t fantastic enough, on the back of the card, there is an actual family photo of Ripa, Consuelos and their three kids, Lola, Joaquin and Michael. It reads, “Love, The Consuelos’ (ACTUAL FAMILY).”

As Ripa explained in her Instagram caption, “Tired of fighting with the kids over the holiday card photo? Problem solved! Thanks @camimendes @marisolnichols @instasuelos (swipe to see actual family and don’t forget to read the fine print!)”

Consuelos wrote in his caption, “My poor wife has resorted to using my TV family as our holiday card. Personally..I think it’s her best work..”

This truly is her “best work,” and Consuelos’ Riverdale costars wholeheartedly agree.

As you can see below, Consuelos told his wife in her Instagram comments, “Sweetie. You are a genius.” Skeet Ulrich, who also stars in the CW drama, commented, “Can’t wait to check the mail when I get home.” Nichols wrote, “This is one of the many reasons you are a Queen! Genius.”

The Riverdale cast also took to Consuelos’ Instagram comments. Mendes wrote, “As your newly adopted daughter, I’m a little hurt that I wasn’t included in the ‘actual family’ photo.’” To That, her TV father replied, “You weren’t there that night. Next year. Next year.”

Ripa even commented by writing about herself, “What a saint she must be…….” To that, Nichols responded, “Or a genius.” Mädchen Amick also commented, “Man you make beautiful humans together.”

To be clear, it doesn’t appear Mendes and Nichols actually posed for a photo to be used simply for Ripa and Consuelos’ Christmas card. Rather, it looks like Ripa just used a picture that the three actors took together as their characters, Veronica (Mendes), Hiram (Consuelos) and Hermione (Nichols) Lodge, for Riverdale.

However the card came together, there’s no denying Ripa really is a “genius” in her Christmas creativity. Who wishes they were on Consuelos and Ripa’s address list to receive this year’s card? Yeah, us too.

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