NEW YORK – Jennifer Lopez (can still turn plenty of heads, even without any make-up on her face.

Indeed, her cosmetic-free selfie – taken during a winter holiday in Miami – has drawn 2.3 million likes after the 49-year-old singer-actress shared it on Instagram, with the caption #NoFilterFriday #NoMakeupDay #LoveMeAsIAm.

Fans, who raved about her natural beauty, said the photo was a nice departure from the shots taken by paparazzi that usually showed her all dolled-up at high-profile events.

Lopez’s about-face may have something to do with her acceptance to live in her own skin.

She recently told Harper’s Bazaar that, despite her 30-plus years in show business, she had only recently become more secure of her own identity.

Another celebrity, singer Kesha, has also chosen to live life on her own terms.

Last week, in a photo posted online that showed her face covered with freckles, she said: “This year my resolution is to love myself… just as I am… imperfect and whatever else.”

That image has got more than half a million likes.

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